High Performance Computing and Informatics Office

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Chief: Calvin A Johnson, Ph.D.

The High Performance Computing and Informatics Office (HPCIO) comprises two main programs: Text Analytics, Machine Learning, and Biomedical Data Science; and the Office of Intramural Research (OIR) Scientific Computing Facility.

The goals of the Text Analytics, Machine Learning, and Biomedical Data Science program are to identify and solve those complex biomedical problems that can benefit from advances in knowledge representation, natural language processing, computational linguistics, machine learning, data mining and visualization methods, grid and cluster computing, modern software engineering principles, and efficient algorithms. This effort includes the following: (1) developing computationally efficient methods and algorithms to solve known problems in the analysis of biomedical and clinical data, study complex interactions in biological systems, and address scientific portfolio management needs; (2) developing knowledge-based data management systems for the discovery and curation of biomedical knowledge, including distributed annotation systems and clinical information management systems, leading to the development of a knowledge infrastructure for NIH; (3) providing NIH intramural researchers expertise in data science and "big data" analyses; and (4) collaborating with NIH researchers and colleagues at other research centers in applying computational methods to biomedical research problems.

The OIR Scientific Computing Facility (SCF) collaborates with OIR staff and their NIH investigators to build and maintain diverse yet robust scientific computing systems. This facility provides the infrastructure needed by OIR’s collaborative projects while complying with all security, confidentiality and integrity requirements, especially those concerned with storing PII and other sensitive data. With seamless software and hardware refreshes, investigators are allowed to stay productive on the facility. Expert staff are available to provide centralized support and advice to enable the best use of resources in support of the OIR’s Intramural Research Program.

NIH Intramural Annual Report Link

NIH Annual Report CT000200-28 HPCIO 2017