Biomedical Imaging and Visualization Section

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The Biomedical Imaging and Visualization Section (BIVS) explores and develops data and image management, communication, and processing technologies in support of clinical data and image acquisition, transmission, and interpretation. Major project areas involve developing new telemedicine and collaborative technologies in support of long-distance medical and scientific activities between NIH and other institutions; using mobile technologies for innovative clinical data display and analysis; and developing new image processing and computer modeling techniques for NIH scientists. Research and development projects include:

• Mobile, Graphical ICU Clinical Informatics Data Display
• Mobile Crowdsourcing App to Refine 3D Neural Pathway Analysis
• Case Management Portal for Rare and Undiagnosed Disease Research
• Remote Clinic Telemedicine System with Indian Health Service
• 3D Medical Image Display System with Haptics Control
• TELESYNERGY® Medical Consultation WorkStation

Chief: Kenneth M. Kempner